Private Bariatric (Weight loss) Surgery Aftercare

Patients can access NHS bariatric surgery services via the Lothian Weight Management Service, and must complete the necessary assessment and management processes to meet the criteria for surgery.

Some patients are opting to have their surgery done privately, often overseas and return to the UK expecting to have their aftercare provided by the NHS.

The NHS is not responsible for providing routine aftercare for private procedures and this has been discussed at, and confirmed by the Lothian Medical Committee and Bariatric Surgery Service.

Routine aftercare includes blood monitoring, blood pressure and weight checks and prescription medication. These services will therefore NOT be undertaken by our practice and will need carried out by a private healthcare provider. Long-term bariatric medications such as vitamins can be prescribed by the practice after post-operative monitoring has finished (2 years) and the patient has been discharged by the specialist.

Emergency care following bariatric surgery such as infections and other complications will be provided by the NHS via GP practices or Accident and Emergency.