Welcome to the Almond Group Practice

All Calls are Recorded for Staff Safety and Training

Please wear a facemask in the practice if you have a cough.

Despite what you might have read in the media, our practice has been seeing patients face to face since march 2019. The difference has arisen in that a telephone appointment was required first and then a face to face appointment offered on the day if required. All but one of our clinical staff members have worked on site since 2019.

Finally, the Scottish government has lifted the COVID legislation and our practice has now returned to primarily face to face appointments with telephone appointments only for reviews of established, existing conditions. We understand this will be less convenient for some patients. However, we strongly believe that face to face appointments give a more accurate diagnosis, a better relationship between patient and doctor and a more efficient system in which we can offer more appointments of higher quality.

Lastly, for minor problems you may be asked to first contact your pharmacy who can treat a wide range of illnesses, or another service that may be more appropriate. Information on the Pharmacy First service can be found here.