Type 2 Diabetes Review

CDM Type 2 Diabetes Review

Please complete this form to help us treat your Type 2 Diabetes.

It will take a few minutes¬†to complete depending how involved you would like to be in improving your Diabetes and how much you’d like to learn!

Your review is in 3 parts.

  1. Completing this form to help us advise you on your lifestyle and to help you understand how you could improve or even cure your Type 2 Diabetes by changing your habits.
  2. Attending the practice for a blood test, BP test and weight measurement. We check your average blood sugar (HbA1c), KIDNEYS and your CHOLESTEROL.
  3. A telephone or face to face appointment with our Specialist Practice Nurse to discuss the what treatment or lifestyle changes would benefit you most and to answer your questions. If your diabetes is well controlled and you are happy with things you can choose not to have this appointment.

You need to book the last two parts with reception as per the text you received.

This review works well on mobile but it is easier on a computer.