Testosterone for Menopause

There has been a large increase in requests for testosterone therapy for the treatment of menopause.

Testosterone is not licensed for use in menopause meaning that it has not met standards of efficacy, safety, and quality in accordance with the MHRA. Testosterone has known long-term harmful effects.

Some specialist clinics or GPs with a specialist interest in menopause in the UK will prescribe testosterone however this is a specialist area and out with the scope of a standard GP’s competencies. The RCGP’s curriculum does not cover testosterone supplementation, nor is there funding provided by the Healthboard to GP practices to set up and run specialist menopause clinics.

Thus, the Almond Group Practice has decided not to prescribe testosterone for the treatment of menopause. We are happy to refer you to the NHS specialist menopause clinic for further advice but unfortunately as of this time (2023) they do not have the resources to fund testosterone prescriptions and is therefore also unavailable for prescription through this route. If you feel strongly that GPs are in an ideal position to provide these services then please contact your MSP and ask that primary care is adequately funded and trained to relieve pressure from secondary care clinics.